Why not join us?

Some myths:

“I’ve heard that they’re a bit posh …”

“You have to be good to join Godiva …”

The reality:

We certainly want to be a club that Coventry is proud to be associated with. After all, we carry the names “Coventry” and “Godiva” wherever we compete.

But hopefully that doesn’t make us elitist. What we want are athletes of any background or ability who want to improve. Athletics is a sport where not only do you have the chance to compete against others – it is a sport where you can set the targets, improving on your best performances.

In the end only a few make it to the very top – and when they do they find that higher level involvement takes them away from regularly turning out for the club. But the club is still involved with domestic fixtures and needs people to compete in those, so giving of your best and earning match points for the club in these fixtures is still the option for the majority.

Any club which aspires to good levels of competition needs a good base of athletes – and recognising inevitable dropouts during the teenage years we see it as important that we start with a good number in the the younger age groups.

To this end we encourage older primary school children to join us by way of the Godiva Kids. However, if the thought of doing athletics comes to you a bit later in life don’t be afraid to try us out.

We are proud of the achievements of the many who have represented us at international level (hence our “Hall of Fame”). Likewise we are proud to record the club’s best performers in listing our Club Records.

But it isn’t about basking in the glory of things past. We want Coventry Godiva to be among the top teams in the country – and it could be you that helps us achieve this aim!

So why not come and join us? All the details of membership and activities are available in these pages HERE