ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Monday 8th July 2019 at 7.30 pm

Business to be conducted

Annual reports from:

  • Chairman
  • Treasurer, with the accounts for 2018/2019 being presented
  • Officials Coordinator
  • Coaching Coordinator
  • Club House Manager


Election of Officers:

President                                                                      David Moorcroft


  •                           Chairperson                                       Aaron Bodycote
  •                           Vice Chairperson                                Roger Medwell
  •                           Secretary                                            John Greatrex
  •                           Minutes Secretary                               Vacant
  •                           Treasurer                                            Tom Bark
  •                           Membership Secretary                        Julie Beckford
  •                           Registration Secretary                        Bill Adcocks
  •                           Coaching Coordinator                         Lijana Kaziow
  •                           Officials Coordinator                          Colin Jacks
  •                           Children’s Officers                             Ann Kirkham, Job King
  •                           Auditors (internal)                              Vacant


Election of additional Committee members as required

Stewart Barnes, Nick Bennett, Drew Murray, Dave Dix, Vince Clisham, Katrina Jones


Confirmation of:

Club House Manager                         Gordon Horne

Weights Room Coordinator                 Scott Eburne


Election of Team Managers:

Men & Women Track & Field      Stewart Marshall (Seniors), Sally Eldridge (U17/U20),

Elaine Minshull (U15/U13), Keeley Davidson (U11)

Cross Country/Road Running     Ann Kirkham (W), Peter Banks (M), Dave Dix (Young Athletes)

Walking                                       Keith Richards


Consider Honorariums:          Chairman, Treasurer, Membership Secretary, Registration Secretary,

Club House Manager and Hungry Harrier Coordinator


Life Membership Award:

New members:

Any Other Business:

  • Update to rule 15 on Life Membership
  • To set the date for the EGM at the end of the year, the business of which is to agree the subscriptions for 2020/21


(any additions at the discretion of the Chairman)