Following recent events, the investigation to be carried out by Angels Solicitors LLP of 117-119 New Union Street, Coventry, CV1 2NY, under the supervision of Andrew Smith QC, will consider every aspect of the welfare of young persons within Coventry Godiva Harriers and the relationship of the Club with UK Athletics relating to such issues.

Any person is invited to contact the Solicitors direct if they wish to raise any concerns whatsoever about any individual or any practice or procedure relating to the welfare of young persons or vulnerable adults within the Club.

Whilst confidentiality will be respected insofar as it is possible, the welfare of young persons is of paramount importance, which means that certain information may have to be shared with certain organisations which have an obligation to safeguard the welfare of young persons and vulnerable adults. That means that confidentiality cannot be guaranteed. However, anybody expressing concerns can be assured that information will be shared only upon a need-to-know basis.

Whilst confidentiality must be respected to ensure that all relevant individuals feel able to express any concerns, it must be qualified by the need to safeguard young persons and vulnerable adults.

Nevertheless, subject to that principle, at the conclusion of the investigation, information will be provided to named individuals and organisations, but strictly in accordance with Leading Counsel’s advice.

The Committee will be provided with a report of events at that stage and the Membership is requested to ensure that nothing is done that might prejudice the investigation prior to its conclusion.

The Committee would seek to assure everyone that there has been no complaint of harm to any young person or vulnerable adult and that the investigation into the Club’s practices and procedures will be concluded at the earliest opportunity.