Former Godiva Sprinter gets Olympic Bronze

Joel Fearon is best known these days as one of the worlds best Bobsledders, being part of the GB 4 man squad for many years whilst also every so often popping back on the track, lately becoming one of the fastest men on the planet and breaking 10 seconds!

You can see his sub 10 seconds run HERE  and if you are familiar with the club you may also note that the commentator is our very own Scott Eburne

Joel fearon

But, Joel and the rest of his team who was originally finished 5th at the Sochi Winter Olympics behind 2 Russian team back in 2014 and finally been awarded the Bronze they deserved it has been confirmed and announced via THE BBC

Joel was once Coached  by our very own legend Charlie Kelly when he was younger before being coached by Stewart Marshall and then leaving onto becoming the sports superstar that he has!


We wish Joel all the luck and best for the future!

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