Godiva The Early Years – by Colin Kirkham, May 22nd @7.15pm

The History of Coventry Godiva Harriers and Other Clubs in the City over the Last 130 years

May 22nd @7:15pm in Godiva’s clubhouse

A Light Hearted Illustrated Talk

THE EARLY YEARS of “THE HISTORY OF COVENTRY GODIVA HARRIERS and other clubs in the City over the last 130 years”


Information from:- Colin Kirkham




  • How did a jersey becomes a woollen cardigan?
  • What was the significance of North London Harriers?
  • Why were most temporary tracks in Coventry measured at 360 yards?
  • Which was Coventry’s first club for Lady athletes?
  • Why did the first Godiva secretary resign?
  • Why was Godiva founded in 1870 when Godiva was not founded in 1870?
  • Which Coventry City Football Club Chairman caused confusion.
  • Why was there a near riot by a drunken mob in Warwick Road?
  • How did Peeping Tom upstage Lady Godiva.
  • Where was Coventry’s first athletic track?
  • Why was cycling so important to athletics in Coventry.
  • Who was the first Coventry Lady international?
  • Who won a piano as first prize in a steeplechase … And how did he get it back to Coventry from Liverpool??
  • Why was the 1860 Import Laws so devastating?
  • Why was 1903 instrumental in producing two city Olympians
  • Handicap racing
  • What was the effect of the various Reform Bills on Athletics
  • When is a Coventry Olympian not a Coventry Olympian?
  • Who always stank of whiskey before races?
  • Who conducted community singing from the middle of the railway tracks?
  • Name the dog competition!!!
  • What devastating effect did unemployment have on Godiva?
  • Who was arrested for running along  Allesley Old Road .
  • Who tried to run a 100 laps when a pupil at Bablake School??
  • Where was the oak tree on the inside of the top bend?
  • Which International served in the Machine Gun Corps in India?
  • Gladstone’s Import Laws.
  • Who was Godiva’s first record holder? At what distance’.