The main entrance gives access to a vestibule from which the Main Meeting Room is approached. Tables and seating for are provided for 48 people, with an additional 42 seats being provided on the sides of the room. A screen is available for projected presentations as well as a TV screen.

A range of refreshments is available via the “Hungry Harrier”, which is accessed via a counter from the main room.

WiFi is provided. Users are encouraged to help defray the cost of this through use of the Hungry Harrier !

  • A separate Committee Room is accessed from the main room.
  • In addition a Physio Room is accessed from the vestibule area.
  • Externally we have a storage area, used for event-related items.

Its Development

The original clubhouse was built in 1983 and officially opened in January 1984 by Stan Ashby, our first Olympian.In 2010 this was demolished and replaced during the winter of 2010/11 with the new brick-built clubhouse.

The new facility was officially opened by Michael Linton MBE, CEO of NP Aerospace, who had supported us over this time.