In November 2019 news regarding welfare and safeguarding was published in the national press. At that time the Club published a statement to assure members that these matters are taken very seriously, and subsequently appointed Angels Solicitors LLP to lead an independent inquiry, under the supervision of Andrew Smith QC.

The report addressing the original allegations was due to be finalised on 24th July 2020. However, as a result of recent events, the Club has been made aware of allegations of historic abuse of young athletes in the Club, involving a coach who died some years ago. Whilst years and decades may have passed, we are naturally concerned about the effect of events on all members, both past and present.

This review of welfare and safeguarding has not been an easy process for those involved, however we absolutely recognise a safe environment is a place where athletes can flourish physically, mentally and socially. As such, a number of steps have already been taken to review and update club welfare policies. In addition to adopting the latest procedures for current members, we are following NSPCC guidance to create a Non-Recent Abuse Policy to ensure former members know where to report, and access professional support. This will be shared on the Club website.

If members or their families have any concerns they should speak with the Club Welfare Officers – Jayne Mumford or Job King: For all serious or urgent matters please raise directly with the Coventry Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH), NSPCC, NAPAC (National Association for People Abused in Childhood), or the Police 101.

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