Run, Jump and Throw

The Run Jump Throw training groups operate on our main club nights, Tuesday and Thursday, as well as on Sundays and cater for our U13-U17s.

What: Run, Jump, Throw
Who: U13+
Tuesdays 5:30-7pm (U15), 5:45-7pm (U13), 7-8:30pm (U15/17)
Thursdays 5:30-7pm (U15), 5:45-7pm (U13),  7-8:30pm (U15/17)
Sundays 9:30-11am (U15), 11am-12:15pm (U13)
Where: Coventry Godiva Harriers

We cover a range of events from the typical:
Run: Endurance, Hurdles, Race Walking, Sprints
Jump: High, Long, Triple
Throw: Discus, Javelin, Shot
To even Hammer and Pole Vault!

We utilise Athletics 365, an athletics curriculum designed by our National Governing Body, England Athletics, to better support athlete development throughout their athletic journey. Each athlete will be regularly assessed and certified against this athletics curriculum. This is so they know exactly where they are against the spectrum of athletics events technically and tactically as well as including: physical preparation, psycho-behavioural and lifestyle and support. We will immerse athletes in their learning to empower them to own their development and progression in the sport.

Athletics 365 Curriculum Challenges


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Athletics 365 Curriculum Challenges

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Club expectations:
Attendance: We require at least a 75% attendance rate across a given term (with the exception of illness)
Competition: Any athletes training in these groups will look to compete on behalf of the club. With all U13 and U15 looking to compete in a run, jump and throw where possible.

These are the coaches involved in this set up:
Event Group Coaches: Alex Kennedy, Lijana Kaziow
Athletics Coaches: Darren Taplin, Drew Murray, Edward Wamala
Coaching Assistants: Daniel Rowntree, Elaine Bourton Erwin Lottering (trainee AC), Heather Murray, Ian Billingsley, Ian Wilkinson (trainee AC), Kerrie Martin (trainee AC)
Helpers/Young Leaders (all trainee CA): Adam Jackson, Alex Cummins, Eloise Mills, Emma Jackson, Daisy Davitt, Gemma Morrison, Harry Humphrey, Shona Murray

Want to join?
Important note: we take athletes in for taster sessions on a term by term basis, so to express an interest in joining, please complete an enrolment form here and await an invitation to a taster.

Further information and reading about Run, Jump, Throw

Information about the RJT Group for Athletes and Parents:

Although ability based, we mainly cover the U13s and U15s 5:45-7pm with the exception of athletes in the U17 age group and upwards who are welcome to join multidisciplinary sessions from 7-8:30pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The way we deliver it helps athletes to better understand why they are doing what they are doing, as well as preparing them with the correct athletic movement in which to apply more progressive training once they move into event groups. We are offering older RJT sessions to help develop multi-eventers, this will look more like combined event training for U17+.

To paint a picture, there is no way a chassis can take the loads of event group training without resulting in injury if they haven’t developed the correct movement patterns. This group aims to address the gap in fundamental movements, shapes and patterns needed for any event group training later on.

As the Athlete Development Model (ADM) is a systematic one, often we spend years unravelling and striping back to basics with older athletes, so why not get it right from the beginning?

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