International Cross Country

IAAF Cross-Country Championships

International Cross Country competition started in 1898 with a match between England and France. In 1903 the first International Championship was held. The event grew steadily, especially in the 1950’s and 60’s with the event coming under the jurisdiction of the IAAF in 1973, being renamed the, “IAAF World Cross Country Championships.”

2005 St Etienne (FR)

Steffan White 67th
Glynn Tromans DNF

2004 Bruxelles (BE)

Glynn Tromans 50th

2003 Lausanne (CH)

Glynn Tromans 73rd

2002 Dublin (EI)

Glynn Tromans 69th

2001 Östende (BE)

Glynn Tromans 61st

2000 Vilamoura (PT)

Glynn Tromans 34th

1999 Belfast

Glynn Tromans 52nd

1998 Marrakech (MAR)

Glynn Tromans 38th

1997 Torino (IT)

Steffan White 43rd
Glynn Tromans 161st

1981 Madrid (ESP)

David Moorcroft 91st

1974 Monza Park, Milan (ITA)

Colin Falconer (SCO) 47th

1973 Waregem, Belgium

Colin Falconer (SCO) 115th

1970 Vichy (FRA)

Dick Taylor 4th

1969 Clydebank

Dick Taylor 2nd

1968 Tunis (TUN)

Bill Adcocks 25th

1967 Barry

Dick Taylor 10th

1961 Nantes (FRA)

Basil Heatley 1st


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IAAF Junior Cross-Country Championships

2002 Dublin (EI)

Matthew Lole 68th

1991 Antwerpen (BE)

Steffan White 55th

1982 Roma (IT)

Lloyd Tredell 52nd