Road Running

Are you a Road Runner, looking to train with a group of fellow runners?

Coventry Godiva Harriers can help you. Road Running groups meet on the regular club nights (Tuesdays and Thursdays) to make use of the many routes around the University of Warwick campus and the south of Coventry. So why not join us for a 6.30p.m. start? Meeting at the Coventry Athletics Track. (Use Car Park 12 at the University of Warwick – satnav location: CV4 8UW).

Are you concerned about finding a group that matches your ability?

The Coventry Godiva road running group is led by two qualified Leaders in Running Fitness (An England Athletics accredited qualification). These Leaders can supply you with advice on running pace, training schedules, effort, stretching and how to avoid injury and assist you in finding the right group at Coventry Godiva.

What are the advantages of joining the Coventry Godiva Harriers Road Running Group?

Safety. Our group runs are structured for people to run together in a friendly and supportive atmosphere, no one is left to run on their own. All adults (over 18) are welcome to join, no matter what your standard and whether you are new to running or an experienced athlete.

Access to event information and advice. As a member of Coventry Godiva you will have access to advice from one of the Country’s leading endurance club and information from the sports governing body UK Athletics / England Athletics. An example of the advice and support we give to new runners is given below.

What do I do next?

Just come along on either a Tuesday and Thursday for a 6:30pm start. You will find plenty of athletes at the Track Reception – ask to talk to a road runner!

Some common questions

Isn’t running expensive?

  • Running is cheap once you have the right shoes.
  • Running is far cheaper than a gym membership.

What shoes do I need?

Running shoes are specific to running. Visit your nearest specialist to get the right advice.

What should I wear?

Ladies: Invest in a sports bra designed for running.
Everyone: Comfortable shorts and t-shirt or top will do at first. Good trainers – see above!

Is injury common?

Most early injury niggles resolve quickly without intervention.
Avoid running if you have any pain that continues or gets worse as you run or if you have a temperature.

Is running bad for your joints?

There is no clear evidence that running specifically is injurious to your joints but if you have a pre-existing condition then take professional medical advice before starting running.

Useful links

The BUPA website contains good training and injury prevention information.

Local routes

Jack Pokój has put together a booklet listing these routes together with advice about running, injury prevention, etc. Alternatively you can access the individual runs below, which are available at

Name Details
1 Mile University Loop 1.33 miles including 1 mile loop
Short run or interval loop (footpaths and roads)
2 Heron Bank loop 2.29 miles; short run or Hill Session
on Heron Bank (footpaths and roads)
3 Summer Interval sessions 2.38 miles
Short run or interval session
4 Summer Hill sessions 3.63 miles
Short run or hill session
5 Trim Track and University 3.8 miles Short Run for the summer months
(road, paths and off road)
6 Cannon Park 3.84 miles
Medium run around Cannon Park
7 Crackley Lane 5.36 miles
Hilly run around country lanes
8 Tile Hill lane Park 5.59 miles
Medium run around Tile Hill
9 Earlsdon loop 5.9 miles Medium run
to Kenilworth Road and Earlsdon
10 Mount Nod 5.9 miles Medium run
to Mount Nod and Tile Hill
11 Crackley Lane long loop 6.82 miles
Hilly run around country lanes
12 Disused Railway Line 7.02 miles Tempo or long run in the summer
as there are no lights along the disused railway line
13 Red Lane Short or Long 9.8 or 11.1 miles
Long run to Red Lane
14 Burton Green Long Run 13.6 miles
Long run to Red Lane

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