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Welcome to our Youth Section page

Our Youth Section is split into three different areas:

  • Godiva Kids, Run Jump Throw Academy and Run Jump Throw Social.
  • Godiva Kids is the entry point into the club for all Primary School athletes aged 8+.
  • Run Jump Throw (RJT) is the entry point for all Secondary School athletes aged 11-14 which takes athletes up to U17. It caters for athletes that come to keep fit and socialise with friends (RJT Social) as well as the Academy which focuses on honing in on skill attainment and competitions.
Youth Section: Induction Materials


Please note, we are currently operating at full capacity and have a waiting list in operation.

If your child is aged between 8 and 14 years and is interested in joining Godiva Kids or Run Jump Throw then please contact us on kids@coventry-godiva-harriers.co.uk. Please note that we are unable to add a child to the waiting list until they have reached their 8th birthday.

We are always interested to hear from coaches/parents who would like to assist with our Youth Section sessions. Please get in touch if you would be interested in volunteering.

Club Athlete Development Pathway

What is an Athlete Development Pathway?

An Athlete Development Pathway (ADP) is an athlete’s journey within athletics from their entrance point.

Being a late specialising sport, athletic development is a systematic process that requires strong foundations as often what isn’t quite working at the higher levels is something down the bottom of the pyramid as shown below.

It’s really all about earning the right to progress and doing the right training, at the right time, in the right way. In which the training is purposeful practice delivered in a systematic approach and athlete centred.

England Athletics Athlete Development Pathway


Going from the bottom of the pyramid to the top doesn’t happen overnight, it takes a lot of time and dedication over a period of years, so why try to rush?

The Club Pathway for Young Athletes

In a nutshell, this is the club pathway for NEW young athletes based on their age at entry point.

U9 (Year 3 – min age 8) – Godiva Kids (FUNdamentals)

U11 (Year 4/5) – Godiva Kids (FUNdamentals

U13 (Year 6/7) – Run Jump Throw (more social/recreational) or Run Jump Throw Academy (more focussed training as a transitional period – Learning to Train)

U15 (Year 8/9) – if aged 12 or 13, Run Jump Throw (for initial assessment of athletic movement and skills, but also to find out what you enjoy and are good at – FoundationTraining to Train) combined with either Youth Endurance, Jumps, Speed or Throws on another day delivered by RJT coaches.

U17 (Year 10+) – Event Group Options – Endurance, Jumps, Speed, Throws, Multis

Please note that the RJT was initially created to address the gap between FUNdamentals and Event Group Training and operates like an academy. Therefore it is seen to be more structured training suitable for athletes with regular attendance.

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