Busy Spring for Godiva Athletes

Podium Festival 5k, Leicester – 15 Godiva Athletes
Midland 12 Stage Road Relays – A Team – Position 16th
B Team 46th after 10 legs
National 12 Stage Road Relays – Position 36th
7th Midland Team
For full results see the power of 10 / organisers websites

Spring Road Running Update 2024

With the National XC Champions cancelled at the end of February meant focus on the much drier roads came a bit sooner than usual this year and here is an update on some recent results from the roads:


Podium Festival 5k – 16th March

On March 16th a number of Godiva athletes chose to get their road season underway at the much anticipated new event at the Podium Festival 5k at Leicester. With some big names announced in the elite race, festival atmosphere and numerous stalls A side from the frills there was some serious racing to be done. A total of 15 Godiva athletes took part across all the races which started at midday ramping up to the elite races under the lights creating a unique atmosphere. Results of our Godivas are below:



Sophie Hurst                    17:26



Miles Clisham                 14:11

Will Fuller                          14:44

Lucas Bennett                 15:08

Joe Mcloed                       15:31

David Cooper                   16:51

Kevin Otieno                    16:51

Will Chalmers                  17:40

Tom Beesley                     18:22

Waising Yip                       19:13

Muhammad Ibrahim     20:00

Chris Hurst                       20:48

Martin Gittins                  20:56

Ben Hoskings                  21:10


Midland 12 Stage Relays – 23rd March 2024

Next up was the first of the road relay fixtures at Sutton Park where one full team and one team of 10 completed the event in a mixture of sunshine, wind, rain and hail (yes hail) which made for changeable conditions as the day went on which didn’t make it easy for anybody competing.

A Team   Position 16th –  Overall Time 04:17:49

Miles Clisham    (1) 26:04 (2nd Fastest leg of the competition)

Scott Hudspith   (5) 28:04

William Fuller   (5) 27:55

Jamie Hnatushka  (8) 29:11

Joe Mcleod       (8) 16:57

Nick Woolley     (8) 17:14

Matthew Hadlum   (11) 18:58

Andrew Boon      (10) 17:33

Peter Eccleston  (12) 18:57

Adam Jackson     (13) 19:02

Harvey Speed     (14) 19:31

Kevin Otieno     (16) 18:23


B Team 46th after 10 legs

Jason Brotherhood (51) 34:03

Samuel Katanda   (53) 36:54

Chris Hurst      (56) 38:35

A Mitrofaniuk    (53) 34:25

Jose Ortizgonzal (55) 22:51

Thiago Demodena  (55) 23:58

Ambrose Lee            (54) 18:28

John Treadwell   (52) 21:53

James Wright     (49) 18:01

Christopher Reve (46) 18:07


National 12 Stage Relays – 4th March

And to book end the Spring on the roads we were back at Sutton Park for the National 12 Stage Road Relays. Despite hoping for better weather it was the gusty wind which everybody had to contend with at some point throughout their legs. A few substitutions were made since the Midlands so Godiva had a strong team to go up against the best club runners in the country over the format of 6 long leg (8.6k) 6 short legs (5k). Results are below:


Team Position 36th – Coventry Godiva Harriers       4:46:09

Miles Clisham        (4) 26:19,

Nick Woolley        (21) 16:55,

Scott Hudspith       (18) 27:43,

Ambrose Lee            (26) 17:58,

Joe Mcleod         (30) 30:19,

Pete Eccleston      (32) 18:47,

Andy Boon           (35) 31:03,

Matt Hadlum         (36) 19:16,

James Wright         (37) 32:15,

Dan Taylor         (38) 18:27,

Dan Clarke         (34) 28:01,

Adam Jackson        (36) 19:06