The club are pleased to announce that from Sunday 26th July the Club will have phased return to training at the University of Warwick.

We are thankful to Warwick Sport for supporting the Club with access arrangements, to Sprints Coach / Webmaster Stewart Marshall for setting up our own online booking form, and to Nuneaton Harriers Community Association for providing track access and competition in recent weeks.

Numbers and social distancing will need to be carefully managed, following the latest guidance from England Athletics. So it may not be possible for all athletes and groups to return to pre-Covid routines at this time. Track access will be reviewed with view to increasing capacity. Until that time, Warwick Sport has agreed for a Monday evening session to our regular Tuesday and Thursdays. Other measures in place are splitting each session into two 1 hour slots, plus warm-up and cool-down times, and allocating some slots around the Wheelchair Racing group on a Sunday and Wednesday. Please be patient!

So what does this look like in terms of timings (including warm up, cool down and equipment cleaning):

Monday – Thursday:

  • 5:15-6:45
  • 6:45-8:15


  • 13:15-14:45
  • 14:45:16:15


Please note, Nuneaton will be available for one more Wednesday as we transition to Monday, Tuesday and Thursday club nights.


There are a number of important considerations that we would ask all members to be familiar with before returning to the track.

  • All sessions will be booked online, in advance by Club Coaches, provisionally on a 1:5 ratio
  • Strictly limited to Coventry Godiva Harrier members who have renewed their Subscriptions for 2020-2021
  • Track areas have been zoned for each coaching group (bubble) to promote social distancing and to control numbers
  • Athletes, Coaches and Parents showing symptoms or isolating, please don’t come to the track, but do seek medical advice!
  • Parking: Tennis Car Park // Track Access: Small Gate opposite Games Hall
  • Please arrive and depart promptly
  • Clubhouse will remain closed, apart from the Disabled Toilet. Please bring own refreshments and be dressed ready to train
  • Games Hall and Car Park 12 will remain closed until further notice
  • Sanitiser will be provided, however please do bring and use your own where possible
  • Track & Trace: Details of Coaches and Athletes may need to be passed onto Warwick Sport or Public Health if there are Covid-19 cases

^Hence it is essential that all track users are Club Members so we have contact details and approval to share



If any members or parents are able to support the Club Sessions as a Coordinator or First Aider – just for one night a week or fortnight – please do let Job King know (details at bottom). Having Coordinators in place will potentially allow us to safely increase numbers and capacity. This will include setting up sanitiser and equipment, checking coaching groups in and out of sessions (pre-booked), monitoring social distancing, escalating emergencies and cleaning the disabled toilet at the end of each session. Details and Risk Assessments will be provided. Having First Aiders will mean we will be able to respond appropriately to the needs of the athletes whilst there are no university staff onsite.



As highlighted above, track access will be limited for all groups to ensure social distancing. Please discuss with your coach about training arrangements.

  • Coventry Godiva Harrier 2020-2021 members only, First or Second Claim
  • U18’s must have parent or guardian approval to their coach
  • 1 Parent or Carer with athletes, but not inside the track fence. And maintain social distancing with other parents, members etc.
  • Run Jump Throw: U15+ in the first phase. U13’s please await further communication with your coaches
  • Godiva Kids: please await further announcements (usually term time only)
  • The Newsletters answer any questions around Membership fees and reductions for 2021-2022
  • Own throwing implements and blocks
  • If using spikes please ensure they do not exceed 6mm
  • Vertical Jumps are not available until further notice
  • Athletes that are self coached are recommended,neded to speak to a lead coach in their Event Group area about joining their sessions for the purpose of booking – please email if you require assistance

Note: There is more guidance for coaches on the England Athletics website – please do check.


  • UKA Athletics Coaches / Level 2+ can book sessions for up to 5 athletes
  • Additional access for Coaching Assistants & LiRF will be reviewed as we increase capacity
  • A reminder that you should be either a coach or an athlete during a session and not both
  • All coaches must:

Note: There is more guidance for coaches on the England Athletics website – please do check.



If you have any concerns please do contact your coach in the first instance or Job King: